Every artist has insecurities and surprises…

December 1, 2011

I was talking to my client Reeve Carney from Broadways Spiderman today. He had a very sweet to share with me.

It was Spiderman’s one year anniversary and a man walked up to Reeve and said he was a fan. Reeve thought he recognized him but he had a hat on. When Reeve asked the man what his name was he responded “Michael”. Reeve looked a bit closer and said “oh wow Michael Buble, you’re one of my top 5 singers”!

Reeve said Michael didn’t seem to take the compliment and Reeve thought he said something wrong.

Later that night Reeve turned on his computer to find an email from Michael saying that he was sorry if he acted strange as he felt awkward because he thinks Reeve is so talented. Reeve thought this was funny as it was indeed  Michel Buble, one of the flawless singers we know.

It was a sweet story to me as I thought wow, someone like Michael who makes singing look so easy was a fan of Reeve. Of course as his teacher I am proud and believe he is very talented,but its good to hear it from other singers and to be able to support one another in the industry.

You never know what you will find in life but I like to surprises the best! No matter what kind of singer you are, as much as you are impressed by other artists, there is someone out there that is equally impressed by you.

Dont’ ever give up on your dreams!





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