Meet Valerie Morehouse

“Valerie! You have saved my voice + my career + my heart!
Thank you endlessly!”  – Christina Perri

Valerie Morehouse is the go to vocal coach in the entertainment business today.

Valerie created a method that not only increases the singer’s range and technical ability, but also keeps the voice healthy while maintaining the singer’s signature sound. Working hand in hand with doctors at the forefront of their field to rehabilitate clients who suffer from nodules, polyps, cysts and vocal misuse, Valerie has given new hope to clients who faced the possibility they may never recover.

Valerie’s journey started about twenty years ago, when she was diagnosed with debilitating nodules on her vocal cords. Having sung all her life, the idea of not being able to sing again was not an option. She devoted herself to finding out what causes nodules and how to get rid of and prevent them. Along the way, she worked with top ENT doctors and speech therapists and found a passion for helping others overcome or prevent similar setbacks.

For nearly two decades, Valerie’s personal mission of Vocal Health For Life has transformed the lives of many successful artists working today including: The Chainsmokers, Sia, 5SOS, Florida Georgia Line, Christina Perri, Avril Lavigne, just to name a few. She also prepares actors’ voices for stage, television, and film, including Sally Hawkins (The Shape of Water), the cast of Nashville , Tom Ellis (Lucifer), and sportscaster Joe Buck.

From her studio in Los Angeles, Valerie mentors and coaches singers all around the world by giving them the tools to avoid vocal issues down the road and be prepared for the rigors of touring and recording.

Please see her client and testimonial pages for more information, and click here for a list of labels, studios and managers she works with.

“Her business card says vocal coach, but it really should read magician,
with the magic she is able to perform on vocal cords.
Have had nothing but glowing reviews from anyone that has worked with Valerie.”
– Chris Knight (Career Artist Management, Christina Aguilera)

“I have never heard Avril sound better or be more comfortable on stage.”
– Jim McGorman (Avril Lavigne’s guitarist and music director) on Avril’s voice since working with Valerie.