Valerie Gives You Vocal Health For Life


Valerie Morehouse brings a much needed perspective to vocal coaching that goes beyond learning songs and scales to truly understanding and looking after your voice—your instrument.

After working with Valerie and her team, you will feel more confident, have the ability to increase your vocal range, grow your vocal stamina, and empower your studio recordings and live performances.

If you’re coming to Valerie because you’ve discovered you have a vocal injury (vocal cord nodule, cyst, polyp, scarring, hemorrhages, inflammation, or vocal dysphonia), you’re in the right place. Valerie and her team will work hand in hand with your doctor to guide you through the empowering process of recovery.

We work with singers, DJs, and public speakers at our studio in Los Angeles, and if you’re not in town we can connect with you via Skype and FaceTime. For rehearsals and shows, we can go on location, as well as vocal producing for recording sessions.

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January 2019 Valerie launched her podcast LipRoll produced by Ildefonso.