Judith Hill Finalist on The Voice

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Judith has the rare ability to be technically perfect and also soulful.
— Adam Levine, The Voice, Season 4, Episode 7

I am so incredibly excited and proud of Judith Hill!!!

As a finalist on The Voice this season, she not only had her pick of the four judges (who had an all out fight to be her coach with Adam winning), but she also just won her first battle round against another strong contender.

Adam said, “I had to go with Judith because there’s just something about her she’s unbelievable.  She oozes charisma and confidence.”


Judith has an amazing voice and personality, and it has been a huge pleasure working with her over the past year.  Being able to give her the tools she needs technically so she never loses what makes her unique – her amazing style and soulful tone, is always my goal.  Vocal Health for Life.

For those of you who don’t know Judith, she was slated to be one of Michael Jackson’s back-up singers for hisThis Is It concerts.  After his death, she sang at his memorial service and blew the world away with her lead performance on the song Heal the World.  She has had numerous successes already throughout her career, including singing with Stevie Wonder, having her original songs featured in a Spike Lee film, and she donated all the proceeds of her single I Will Always Be Missing You to Childhelp US.

Judith is such a humble and compassionate person, and I’m so glad she decided to take the leap and audition for The Voice.  She deserves every moment of this.  Congratulations Judith…looking forward to watching your next performance!

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Couldn’t resist bragging about Judith some more, so here’s what the judges said to her after her blind audition…

Adam Levine
“You are the first person that’s ever come on this show and done a Christina song as well as Christina Aguilera.  As far as competition goes, I’m a monster, and I’m going to claw everyone’s freaking face until you realize that I’m your freaking coach…I’m going to light myself on fire to make sure – I’m not kidding!…The phrasing is all yours too.  When I said earlier that I thought that you sang it as well as Christina, I still believe that, but it was completely different…Seriously, I’m going to have a panic attack if you don’t choose me, because I know you’re going to win!”

“It sounds like you’ve been singing for a long time, because you put your own thing in it.  I’ve not won The Voiceyet, but if you let me be your coach, not only will you win The Voice but you’ll win the world over”

Blake Shelton
“It’s like a star just hatched out of a shell up there.  Everybody in this room right now is just going oh gosh, just look at Judith.  I want to be the guy that is pushing down walls and clearing a path for you so that Judith can just shine and be the star that she deserves to be.”

“We all know that you’re perfect, we all want you.  My heart’s beating fast right now, because I feel that I’m in front of a star.  I really feel that you’re going to have an amazing career no matter who you choose.  I think that you will shine because you already have that light in you that projects onto the audience and to everyone around you, and I know that if I help you, you will win The Voice.”

(Source:  The Voice, Season 4, Episode 1)