Restoring Voices: Voice Health Institute’s Benefit

Christina Perri, Valerie Morehouse, Dr. Steven Zietels

Christina Perri, Valerie Morehouse, Dr. Steven Zietels

“We take our vocal chords for granted until they won’t do what we need them to.”

I had the pleasure of being a part of the Vocal Health Institute’s first annual benefit Raise Your Voice at the Beverly Hills Hotel this past Thursday, January 24th.  Two of my clients – Christina Perri and Nova performed at the event alongside Steven Tyler, Roger Daltrey and Lionel Richie.  Joe Buck, sportscaster for Fox Sports hosted the evening that honored Dr. Steven Zeitels for his 25 years of research into restoring the voice.

The evening was an absolute success from the sold out dinner to the tens of thousands of dollars raised to further more research to restore speaking and singing capability to millions of individuals whose voices have been lost or damaged. 

I had many people approach me and say that they attended the benefit just because a friend invited them.  One lady even said she thought it was just another silly charity.  However, when they heard the testimonies from the performers and speakers and the video testimonials from Julie Andrews and Keith Urban, they were truly touched and realized what important and life changing work the Voice Health Institute is doing.  

Verbal communication is one of the most taken for granted parts of being a human.  Vocal health for life is my mission, and over the years I have walked along side many clients, heard their heartbreaking stories of not being able to sing or talk the way they want and need to, and giving them the tools they need to help restore their voices.

I’m excited to continue working with Dr. Zeitels and VHI to help even more people - 

Before I sign off, here’s one of the many funny quotes shared during the evening:
“You know you’re a patient of Dr. Zeitels, when you’re a rock star on stage with a cup of tea!”  Roger Daltrey – walking onto stage with a teacup and silver teapot

(I have to add Christina looked absolutely stunning!)